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Stephanie Willette Vistrada

Stephanie Willette

Director, New Hampshire

Vistrada leadership team

Director, New Hampshire


Stephanie is Vistrada's Director of Product Management and the Chief Operating Officer for Vistrada’s HipJobJuice career portal. She brings over 20 years of consulting, product management, and business operations experience to our clients. Her areas of responsibility include Product Management, business operations, oversight of marketing activities, and delivery of Vistrada's Triton Regulatory Data Service.

Stephanie has developed her professional expertise with nearly 10 years at Accenture (formerly Andersen Consulting) with a variety of clients in life sciences and state/federal government. She then worked at a variety of start-ups and boutique consulting firms, gaining additional experience in operations, sales, product management, and marketing, while also leading teams to complete large product implementations (including one with more than 40,000 users).

Stephanie has a Bachelor of Arts from Russell Sage College, is an experienced equestrian, is a member of the Elkridge Harford Hunt Club, and is a student at Renzo Gracie Jiu-Jitsu.


Vistrada is our go-to technology solution provider for complex problems that require custom crafted solutions that MUST be delivered on tight schedules, strict budgets, and to the highest quality standards. We have used the Vistrada team for delivering a number of solutions – some being completed in just a few weeks, while others have been ongoing efforts lasting many years.
Chief Operating OfficerBankruptcy Processing Firm, New York
The experts at Vistrada far exceed any technology company with whom I have worked with in the past. Their software engineers are peerless in a world of highly-trained experts. As a technology project manager for a non-profit organization I had a major challenge in getting a fully functional software program developed in a short time. Although I did not think it was possible to achieve, the Vistrada team not only delivered on time but provided an even better program.
Dr. Steven Yannicelli, PhD, RDTechnology Project Manager, GMDI Group
We have been partnering with Vistrada for our technology and business development needs, as well as the extraordinary technology needs of our clients, for over 10 years and look forward to building our business with Vistrada long into the future.
Managing DirectorProxy Solicitation Consultancy, New York
The Vistrada team was great to work with and we view Vistrada as partners who have our best interests in mind. Vistrada designed and delivered a single data model and supporting ETL architecture that met all our current needs with scalability to meet the future needs and asks of current and future customers all with less manual intervention, maintenance, and support than we needed for our past solutions.
Kelly UhlrichChief Operating Officer, Humach