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Integrated risk management


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Tailored IRM Solutions for Sustainable Program Development

Risk Advisory, Integrated Risk Management (IRM), Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) Technology Enhancement, and Regulatory Change Management are essential services we offer at Vistrada. Our expertise lies in assisting clients to develop robust, sustainable IRM programs, coupled with the integration of technology solutions uniquely tailored to meet the specific requirements of their organizations.


Examples of risk management strategies

How We Help IRM/GRC Clients

  • Governance And Program Advisory
  • Vendor Selection
  • Framework And Common Language
  • Outsourcing IRM/GRC
  • IRM/GRC Technology Implementation
  • Automated Regulatory Change Management
  • Third Party Risk Management

Organizations invest substantial funds and resources into Integrated Risk Management solutions and programs, yet they do not always achieve the anticipated benefits and efficiencies. The tool is frequently faulted, but more often than not, the real issue is a deficiency in design and process that hinders organizations from effectively utilizing technology. Before deciding to start from scratch and acquire a new Risk and Compliance solution, consider taking a holistic look at your current setup.

We can offer comprehensive and actionable advice to refine your existing program and technology. Our extensive experience in diagnosing issues within current programs and solutions, and then guiding clients through necessary adjustments, has consistently led to achieving the originally sought-after benefits.

Selecting the right vendor for your organization can be both time-consuming and perplexing. How do you choose the right one when so many appear to say all the right things, sounding like the perfect fit during the selection process?

Our role is to help you distinguish between vaporware and reality, ensuring vendors remain accountable for their RFP responses. We assist in identifying and focusing on what truly matters for your business, cutting through the sales messaging and product information provided by vendors. With years of experience, we've guided numerous clients through this intricate process, finding the technology solution and vendor partner that best aligns with the unique needs of their organization.

As Integrated Risk Management (IRM) becomes more pervasive and moves beyond single Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) platforms, it's increasingly crucial to develop frameworks and a common language that span your Risk Ecosystem. This doesn't necessarily mean adopting a single framework but rather integrating multiple frameworks that acknowledge the unique differences and nuances of separate business areas while facilitating information sharing among them. Establishing a common language and standardized frameworks promotes greater consistency and clarity when aggregating Risk and Compliance information across the enterprise.

Organizations often invest substantial funds and resources into Integrated Risk Management solutions and programs, only to find themselves not achieving the expected benefits and efficiencies. While it's easy to point fingers at the tool, the real issue frequently lies in a lack of proper design and processes, hindering effective technology utilization. Before considering a fresh start with a new Risk and Compliance solution, it's crucial to take a comprehensive look at your existing setup.

Our approach involves providing detailed and actionable advice to enhance your current program and technology. With a proven track record of diagnosing issues in existing programs and solutions, we assist our clients in implementing the necessary adjustments to fulfill their initial objectives.

Implementing an IRM solution is more than just configuring a software product. Simply purchasing a tool and jumping straight into its configuration seldom leads to success.

We regard technology as an enabler for your processes and a means to achieve your objectives. Bearing this in mind, an essential aspect of our comprehensive approach to implementation involves ensuring there is a clear comprehension of the future state processes and leadership goals that the technology will support. We utilize this understanding throughout the implementation journey to tailor the configuration and deployment efforts specifically for your organization.

Regulatory Change Management frequently presents itself as a formidable adversary for many organizations. Often, changes are communicated from a plethora of regulatory bodies, flooding you with copious information. Yet, deciphering the relevance and application of these changes to your organization remains a perplexing challenge.

In response, we developed Triton, a sophisticated automated solution designed to streamline the Regulatory Change Management process. Triton proficiently sifts through the deluge, pinpointing the changes and regulatory sources that are pertinent to your organization. It identifies where your organization is impacted and delineates the implementation strategy.

As a subscription service, Triton efficiently delivers tailored regulatory change information directly to your organization, integrating seamlessly with your IRM or GRC tool.

Businesses have evolved beyond being solitary entities; they're now intricately woven into a network of relationships, distribution channels, and vendors. This interconnectedness enables you to leverage external partnerships to augment your business capabilities and broaden your market reach. Collaborating with third parties can lead to cost savings and enhanced service delivery, but it also escalates the risks and compliance responsibilities associated with these external relationships. Navigating this landscape is a double-edged sword that could either boost your business or become its Achilles' heel.

Vistrada's holistic approach to Third-Party Risk Management (TPRM) streamlines the effectiveness of your TPRM program by focusing on the prioritization and monitoring of key third-party connections. With Vistrada, you're equipped to establish a TPRM strategy that addresses your unique risk and regulatory requirements, all while seamlessly integrating with your existing procurement workflows.

Regulatory Change Management

Vistrada excels in steering IRM/GRC clients through the shifting terrain of Regulatory Change Management. With regulations constantly evolving, institutions face the challenge of staying updated and compliant.

Our innovative Triton Data Services simplifies this process by proactively monitoring changes and delivering crucial updates directly to your organization. This ensures your risk management, controls, and operational oversight remain effective and informed.

Essentially, Triton acts as your dedicated ally in navigating regulatory shifts, protecting your institution and bolstering your risk management strategies.


Creating a risk-aware culture


Vistrada is our go-to technology solution provider for complex problems that require custom crafted solutions that MUST be delivered on tight schedules, strict budgets, and to the highest quality standards. We have used the Vistrada team for delivering a number of solutions – some being completed in just a few weeks, while others have been ongoing efforts lasting many years.
Chief Operating OfficerBankruptcy Processing Firm, New York
The experts at Vistrada far exceed any technology company with whom I have worked with in the past. Their software engineers are peerless in a world of highly-trained experts. As a technology project manager for a non-profit organization I had a major challenge in getting a fully functional software program developed in a short time. Although I did not think it was possible to achieve, the Vistrada team not only delivered on time but provided an even better program.
Dr. Steven Yannicelli, PhD, RDTechnology Project Manager, GMDI Group
We have been partnering with Vistrada for our technology and business development needs, as well as the extraordinary technology needs of our clients, for over 10 years and look forward to building our business with Vistrada long into the future.
Managing DirectorProxy Solicitation Consultancy, New York
The Vistrada team was great to work with and we view Vistrada as partners who have our best interests in mind. Vistrada designed and delivered a single data model and supporting ETL architecture that met all our current needs with scalability to meet the future needs and asks of current and future customers all with less manual intervention, maintenance, and support than we needed for our past solutions.
Kelly UhlrichChief Operating Officer, Humach


We understand the complexities of navigating the evolving landscape of Integrated Risk Management (IRM). Our team of dedicated professionals is committed to guiding your organization through every step of the IRM journey, from strategic advisory to the implementation of cutting-edge technology solutions.

Let us help you transform your risk management challenges into opportunities for growth and resilience. Contact us today to learn how we can tailor our IRM solutions to meet the unique needs of your business.