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Are You Facing TPRM Challenges?

In a world where risk and compliance are at the forefront, it’s critical to ensure your Third-Party Risk Management (TPRM) processes are up to par. Like many financial institutions, you may be grappling with aggregating TPRM compliance data across a range of vendors, all while adhering to an aggressive timeline. We get it, and we have a solution that’s been proven to work.

A Case in Point: Our Game-Changing Strategy

Client: Global Information and Intelligence Provider / International Banking Group


Challenge: Create a comprehensive TPRM data register, capable of integrating multiple data sources for global subsidiaries, all within a span of less than 6 weeks.


Solution: Vistrada’s team of Tableau experts delivered a robust TPRM data register, meeting the client’s stringent timeline, and laying a strong foundation for future reporting and dashboards.



  • TPRM data register delivered into production in under 6 weeks.
  • High client satisfaction due to Vistrada’s responsiveness and expertise.
  • Established groundwork for creating new TPRM reports and dashboards.

Why Should You Care?

  • Speed: We understand that timelines are often tight. Our proven record demonstrates that we can deliver, and fast.

  • Expertise: Leveraging Tableau and other tools, we possess the knowledge to meet your complex data integration and transformation needs.

  • Future-Proofing: Our solutions provide a sturdy data foundation, streamlining your TPRM processes today and scaling for tomorrow’s needs.

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