Vistrada provides a full range of cybersecurity services to help companies of all sizes confidently secure their business.

We offer access to experienced Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) to help develop and manage your cybersecurity program. By outsourcing these efforts to us, you receive a cybersecurity program customized to suit the needs of your organization. Our customizable approach includes CISO level guidance and advise, gap assessments, cybersecurity training, regularly scheduled scans, and incident response coordination.

Core Functions of a Strong Cybersecurity Program (NIST CSF)

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Determine which systems, assets, data, and capabilities are at risk.


Implement methods to safeguards your critical assets and services.


Routinely monitor your environment to identify problems.

Response and Recovery

Implement processes to take action, contain, and restore capabilities.

Features & Benefits

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Fraction of the cost
of a full-time CISO

Group 142

Stay up-to-date
with the latest changes

Group 141

Stop issues
before they happen

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Rapid Response

Access to experts
when you need them

Vistrada’s Cybersecurity Services

Regulatory Compliance

and More


Policy Developement
Security Awareness Training
Vulnerability Scanning
Sales Support/RFO/RFP
GRC Dashboard Onboarding
Social Engineering Testing
Physical Security Assessments
Tabletop Exercises
Penetration Testing

Advisory Services

Cybersecurity Budget Planning
Cybersecurity Projects Review
Management Updates
Board Meeting Presentations
Vendor Review & Selection
Crisis Management
Risk Management
Facilitating Risk Management
Tools Recommendations
Educating & Training

Incident Response

Crisis Management Point of Contact
Response Planning & Team Coordination
Conduct Internal Investigation
Coordinate with Third Party Expertise
Assist with Customer Notification
Containment and Remediation Planning

Features & Benefits

Vistrada’s online cybersecurity management dashboard, Apptega, provides unparalleled visibility for executives, management, and day to day security operations

  • Assess:  complete questionnaires and assessments with autoscoring to identify gaps.
  • Build, Manage, Report:  end-to-end management of cybersecurity and compliance on an easy to use platform
  • Collaborate:  enterprise class capabilities with consumer application simplicity.
  • Connect:  connect your entire security ecosystem with built-in integrations.
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Vistrada Cyber Insurance Top 10 Things to Consider

There are a lot of variables to consider when tailoring a cybersecurity insurance policy, herein we outline some of the considerations when shopping for cybersecurity insurance coverage.

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Third Party Risk Management

Are third parties accelerating your business, or jeopardizing it? Understanding Third-Party Risk Management (TPRM) challenges and importance of an effective TPRM program.

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James Morgenstein, CTO at Vistrada, talks about the history of ransomware, how it is transforming today, and what you can do about it.

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