We help client’s develop sustainable IRM programs and implement supporting technology solutions tailored to the unique needs of their organizations.
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How We Help IRM / GRC Clients

At the foundation of a successful GRC / IRM program is strong Governance. Managing change around evolving business processes and regulatory frameworks is critical to the long-term sustainability of your program. We help establish Governance that creates the ground rules for managing change, making key decisions, and communicating roles and responsibilities to everyone involved. As a result, ongoing change is more easily integrated and managed.

Selecting the right Vendor for your organization can be a time consuming and confusing process. How do you select the right vendor when many say all the right things and sound like the perfect fit during your selection process? We help you separate vaporware from reality and hold vendors accountable for their RFP responses. We will help identify and focus on what’s important for your business from the sales messaging and product information the vendors convey. We have years of experience helping clients navigate this process and finding the right technology solution and vendor partner that meets the unique needs of their organization.

As Integrated Risk Management becomes more pervasive and evolves away from single GRC platforms, it is increasingly important to develop frameworks and common language that applies across your Risk Ecosystem. This may not mean a single framework, but integrated frameworks that capture the differences and nuances unique to separate business areas but facilitates the sharing of information amongst them. Common language and standardized frameworks allow for more consistency and clarity when trying to aggregate Risk and Compliance information across the enterprise.

Organizations invest significant money and resources into Integrated Risk Management solutions and programs, but sometimes fail to reap the desired benefits and promised efficiencies. Many people blame the tool, but often the underlying cause is lack of design and process that prevents organizations from leveraging technology effectively. Before starting over and purchasing a new Risk and Compliance solution, let us take a holistic look at what you already have in place and provide comprehensive and actionable suggestions to optimize your current program and technology. We have a long track record of successfully troubleshooting existing programs and solutions then helping clients make the necessary changes to realize the original benefits they sought.

Implementing an IRM Solutions is more than configuring a software product. Purchasing a tool and immediately diving into configuration rarely equates to success. We view technology as a tool that enables your processes and helps achieves your objectives. With that in mind, a key part of our holistic approach to implementation is making sure there is a clear understanding of your future state processes and leadership objectives the technology will support. We leverage that understanding throughout the implementation process to uniquely align configuration and deployment efforts to your organization.

Regulatory Change Management is a constant nemesis for most organizations. Often you hear about the changes from various regulatory sources, you get an overwhelming amount of information about them, but still are not sure what do with them or how they relate to your organization. We recognized this challenge and developed Triton, an automated Regulatory Change Management solution. Triton filters out the noise and help you decide what changes and from the various regulatory sources apply to your organization, where you are impacted, and how to apply them. Triton is a subscription service that delivers relevant regulatory change information directly to your organization through your IRM or GRC tool.

Businesses are no longer stand-alone entities. They are a web of relationships, distribution channels, and vendors that allow you to maximize your opportunities by working with third parties to complement your business capabilities and extend the go-to-market ecosystem. Outsourcing or partnering with other organizations saves cost and can improve the delivery of your services, but it also increases your third-party risk and compliance obligations. This comes at a cost that can either expand or sink your business. Vistrada’s integrated TPRM methodology accelerates the effectiveness of your TPRM program by better prioritization and monitoring of your essential third-party relationships. With Vistrada you can implement a TPRM program that will meet your risk and regulatory needs without upending your current procurement processes.

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Regulator Change Management

Many financial institutions are challenged with the constant monitoring and ever changing landscape of what needs to be monitored. As the regulations change, this can impact your risk profile, controls and how you monitor your business. Vistrada’s Triton Data Services can help solve this problem. Our Triton tool monitors the regulatory landscape and delivers relevant regulatory change information to your organization from the reg to the framework, down to the controls.

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