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Case Study

BI-Enabled Global Server Optimization


Global Bank Holding Company



Our client was maintaining global Identity & Access Management (I&AM) information from multiple data sources across 100,000+ servers with limited reporting capabilities and wanted to migrate off its legacy I&AM platform. Vistrada assessed the situation and delivered a program that rationalized the global server environment and expedited retirement/adoption of the legacy/new I&AM platform, enabled by a robust Tableau solution for monitoring and reporting progress.


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This multi-year engagement has allowed the client to streamline and modernize their global I&AM process and has provided them with much greater visibility and decision-making capability to manage the end-to-end retirement/adoption of their legacy/new I&AM platform. They have experienced a 60%+ reduction to-date in their licensing costs by moving to the new platform, as well as additional hardware savings by rationalizing their 100,000+ server environment, all while reducing their audit compliance risk.


Client was focused on IT modernization and cyber security risk abatement, specifically for I&AM, and was seeking improved visibility and oversight for rationalizing/optimizing its vast server environment and capacity. Client was maintaining 100,000+ servers globally, with I&AM data stored across multiple data sources and limited reporting capabilities. In addition, the client wanted to migrate off its legacy I&AM platform onto a more modern and robust technology solution. Vistrada was hired to perform an assessment of its global server environment and implement a program that would improve the adoption of a new I&AM platform and ultimately retire the legacy application.


Created and executed a data-oriented action plan:

  • Analyzed the data, which required compiling a consolidated, global I&AM dataset from 10+ data sources into a single Oracle data warehouse to facilitate reporting;
  • Established and supported an initial pilot based on recommendations from the data analysis performed on several thousand servers;
  • Continuously evolved and adapted the process leveraging feedback from the pilot.

Provided robust reporting capabilities:

  • Leveraged and extended the data warehouse created for the initial analysis to also
    support reporting on the health/adoption of new services;
  • Created data-driven instructions and reporting to allow for self-service migration onto the new platform;
  • Published reporting to a standalone UI that integrated the data warehouse, Tableau reports and Qlik into a single location for easy access;
  • Developed future forecasting capabilities using predictive and hard data models to determine the projected end date for all legacy systems.
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The solution has realized significant cost savings and reduced audit compliance risk, while improving visibility and decision-making


  • Streamlined and modernized the global I&AM process, allowing for robust reporting and decision-making from a single repository.
  • Significant savings in licensing costs, as the client experienced a 60% reduction, to-date, by moving to the new platform.
  • Additional cost savings have been realized via the ongoing rationalization/optimization of the client’s 100,000+ global server environment.
  • Reduced audit compliance risk has been made possible due to the ongoing migration off the legacy platform.
  • Robust reporting provided more insight to the current and future state of the IT infrastructure and encouraged greater adoption across IT.


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