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SEC S-K Item 106
Cybersecurity Readiness

As the clock ticks closer to the compliance deadline for SEC S-K Item 106, the urgency for public companies to scrutinize their cybersecurity measures intensifies. Vistrada stands at the forefront, offering you a Cybersecurity Readiness Checklist. This essential tool is designed to navigate you through the complexities of assessing your current cybersecurity framework, pinpointing potential vulnerabilities, and enhancing your readiness against evolving cyber threats.

Why This SEC S-K Item 106 Cybersecurity Checklist is Crucial for Your Business:
  • Risk Management Analysis: Evaluate your cybersecurity defenses against the rigorous standards of SEC Item 106. Understand where you stand and where the gaps lie.
  • Material Incident Preparedness: Ascertain your readiness to manage and mitigate the impact of cybersecurity incidents, preserving the integrity of your operations.
  • Board of Directors Oversight: Ensure your board is actively informed and engaged in cybersecurity governance, aligning with best practices and compliance requirements.
  • Timelines & Reporting: Streamline your incident response protocols, communication strategies, and staff training to foster a resilient cybersecurity posture compliant with SEC guidelines.

Ready for the Cyber Incident Reporting Rule Deadline?

It’s crucial to be proactive in your preparation. Whether refining your cybersecurity governance framework or ensuring compliance readiness, Vistrada is your strategic ally.

The path to compliance with SEC S-K Item 106 is complex and requires nuanced expertise. Vistrada stands ready with our expert vCISOs and cybersecurity professionals to tailor solutions that not only meet compliance requirements but also secure and propel your business forward.

Download Your Cybersecurity Readiness Checklist Today

Don’t leave your compliance to chance. Fill out the form now to download Vistrada’s Cybersecurity Readiness Checklist. Equip yourself with the insights needed to navigate the complexities of SEC S-K Item 106 compliance and secure your operations against cyber threats.


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