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Case Study

Technology Risk Security Program Buildout


Fortune 100 Global Bank Holding Company



The client converted to a Bank Holding Company driving the need to ensure a comprehensive risk management program was established to meet new audit and regulatory requirements. The client had several obligations to complete on an aggressive, regulatory-driven schedule and quickly uncovered areas of risk they had not previously considered.


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Our client was able to quickly scale its resourcing pool by leveraging our resources to help accelerate specific risk programs. They could then assess what level of resourcing was required to continually improve and operate each. A program approach provided greater visibility and data for effective decision-making by the leadership and governance teams. Each program resulted in the consolidation of multiple independent approaches across the business units and drove a significant reduction in hardware, software, and time-intensive tasks.


The client utilized multiple, existing information security and technology assets given their global size and scale. The competition in the industry was intense and required continually striving to be viewed as a security leader to protect their brand. The solutions and offerings they provided to their clients were heavily dependent on the need for secure, robust technologies that could scale as required. Most importantly, our client’s people had to be effectively integrated into these processes without making technology a barrier. Building risk and security programs had many challenges, including competing priorities with all other business initiatives and conflicting organizational structures, as all technology teams reported not only to their IT Division but also to a specific business unit. As such, any centralized approach to a program had to be carefully assessed, planned, and communicated for it to be successfully implemented. This complexity was further compounded by the aggressive timelines imposed on the client by various regulatory bodies.

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