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Case Study

Pandemic-Driven Virtual Call Center BI


Major U.S. City



The client had an urgent need for call center reporting and analytics capabilities, in near real-time, due to COVID-19 shutdowns of brick-and-mortar facilities across multiple city agencies responsible for servicing millions of citizens. Vistrada was engaged to build a scalable solution to support the activity of thousands of virtual agents handling more than 12,00,000 calls, in an aggressive timeframe.


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Vistrada’s initial solution provided real-time and aggregated reports within 72 hours of the start of the program. Over time, we enabled 24×7 reporting on an ongoing basis for 18+ months, supporting data created by 3,000+ virtual, work-at-home agents handling 12,000,000+ interactions with local citizens. Service levels improved due to decreased call wait and call handle times relative to pre-pandemic levels.


Client had an urgent need for call center reporting and analytics, in near real-time, due to the COVID-19 shutdowns across the brick-and-mortar facilities responsible for servicing millions of citizen requests. They needed to create and optimize the operational responsiveness of a new virtual call center servicing multiple governmental agencies. The scale of the response effort required analytics to be performed on the call center activity of thousands of agents and hundreds of thousands of calls within days of the start of the program. Mission critical reporting had to be provided to multiple stakeholders. Data was available via custom APIs but was not in a readily consumable data warehouse format. In addition, no infrastructure for data collection, data storage or analytics/reporting existed, but the client demanded a rapid time to market to meet citizens’ needs.


  •  Developed a cloud-hosted bespoke solution, aggregating data from cloud ACD, cloud IVR, and ERP/CRM systems continuously on a 24×7 basis.
  • Provided online presentation of real-time data along with scheduled distribution of daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly analysis of the data.
  • The back-end components consisted of Azure Cloud SQL, Azure storage services, and Azure Virtual Machine.
  • The front-end components consisted of a web portal using Vistrada’s .NET application framework.
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The solution was up-and-running in less than 3 days, ultimately supporting 12,000,000+ calls and 3,000+ virtual agents during the height of the pandemic, while increasing citizen service


  • Satisfied the client’s complex time and safety-related needs, enabling them to service millions of citizens during the crisis of the pandemic.
  • Delivered the initial solution with real-time and aggregated reports within 72 hours of receiving the “Go” order from the client.
  • Provided ongoing reporting operating 24×7 for 18+ months storing data for 12,000,000+ calls and 3,000+ agents (as of February 2022).
  • Allowed the client to continuously expand the scope of the reporting and information they were releasing to their citizens.
  • Increased citizen service levels by decreasing call wait times and call handle times relative to pre-pandemic levels.


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