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Case Study

IAM Security Program Buildout


Fortune 100 Global Bank Holding Company



The client converted to a Bank Holding Company driving the need to ensure a comprehensive Technology Risk Program was in place, and effective. The client had several obligations to complete on a regulatory-driven schedule. One critical item was ensuring there were appropriate controls in place to protect, manage, and provide visibility regarding access to production environments and systems. Ensuring the legitimacy and necessity of any production access (i.e., who; when; where; why; and how) was of paramount importance across the organization.


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The program was built to ensure the client had strong IAM policies, practices, governance, reporting, re-certifications, and integrations as needed. The program ensured time-based limited access to production, rationale for each access, approvals, and evidence to auditors and regulators with much greater visibility and decision-making capability. The program resulted in the consolidation of multiple independent approaches across the business units and drove a 50% reduction in hardware, software, and time-intensive tasks.


The client had multiple information security and technology existing assets given their size and scale. With over 400 applications across multiple Business Units, the client had many organizational and governance challenges, including the fact that IT divisions reported both to Technology leadership and to individual Business Units. The client operated IT in a largely decentralized manner, allowing technology teams the freedom to select and support the tools and technologies best suited for their specific business customers. Managing the change required to implement a more centralized, standardized approach to IAM and PAM globally, across technologies, processes, policies, etc., within a specific, aggressive timeframe, posed a significant challenge.

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The TPRM data register was delivered in < 6 weeks, allowing the client to meet its global risk compliance requirements.

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